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2000 Years of Church History


The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly We have collected together one hundred documents that are significant to the history of Christianity. These span the period from the time of Nero to the present day. We have chosen these particular documents either because of their historic significance or because they are representative of their historic period.

We have also included representative excerpts from important or representative Christian works through the centuries. Some of these were written by true saints—and others by true devils. Most lie somewhere in between.

So the fact that we include a document or spiritual work in this collection, does not mean that we endorse it. At the same time, we'll let you, the reader, decide which of these documents were good for Christianity, which were bad—and which were downright ugly.

Early Christianity

Tacitus: The Persecution by Nero

Pliny: Letters About the Christians


Apostles Creed

Ignatius:Letter to the Roman Christians

Letter of Polycarp

Letter of Diognetus

Tatian: The Diatessaron

Tertullian: Apology

Tertullian: On the Trinity

Clement of Alexandria: About the Apostle John

Muratorian Canon

Origen:Why Christians Don't Go to War

Cyprian: On the Unity of the Church

Spurious Gospel of Pseudo-Matthew


The Church-State Union


the Age of Councils

Edict of Toleration

Edict of Milan

Nicene Creed

Constantine's Edict Against Heretics

Constantine: Reforms

Athanasius: Easter Letter of 367

Nicene-Constantinopolitan Creed

Augustine: Against the Donatists

Council of Carthage: The Canon

St. Patrick: Confession

Definition of Chalcedon

Rule of St. Benedict

Theodosian Code



Medieval Christianity

Columbanus: Monastic Rule

Richard Rolle: Fire of Love

Thomas a Becket: Letter

Black Death: A Description

Anselm: The Satisfaction Theory of the Atonement

Pope Gregory X: On the Jews

Statute of Mortmain

Donation of Constantine: A Forgery

The Crusades: The Pope's Proclamation

Inquisition: Synod of Toulouse

King John's Concession of England

Laws Against Heretics

St. Francis: The Rule

Thomas Aquinas: Treatment of Heretics

John Wycliffe: Indulgences and Penance

Wycliffe Bible

Lollard Articles

Laws Against Lollards

Thomas A Kempis: Imitation of Christ

Petrarch: Avignon Popes

Nicholas Clemanges: Fall of the Church

Lorenzo Valla: On the Forged Articles

Savonarola: On Revelations

The Reformation Era

Columbus: His Journal

Papal Line of Demarcation (1493)

Martin Luther: 95 Theses

Martin Luther: Forward to New Testament

Martin Luther: Forward to Romans

Martin Luther: Peasant's Rebellion

Martin Luther: “Sin Boldly”

Martin Luther: Against Jews

John Calvin: Institutes of the Christian Religion

Henry VIII: Supremacy Act

Martyr's Mirror: Account of Dirk Willems (1569)

Menno Simons: The New Birth

Council of Trent: Excerpts

Elizabethan Act against Puritans

Christianity: The 1600's

King James: “What I Believe”

1611 King James Version: Preface

1662 Book of Common Prayer

Armininianism: Articles of the Remonstrants

Baptists: 1644 Confession of Faith

Dordrecht Confession

Francis Bacon: The Scientific Method

George Herbert: Country Parson

James Arminius: Declaration of Faith

Johann Arndt: True Christianity

Puritans: The Millenary Petition

St. Bartholomew Day's Massacre

Westminster Confession

Pascal: Pensees

Christianity: The 1700's

John Locke: Philosophical Christianity

Isaac Watts: Hymns

John Wesley: Character of a Methodist

John Fletcher: Against Antinomianism

Methodists: Scheme of Self-Examination

William Law: Serious Call

George Whitefield: Sermon

Jonathan Edwards: Sermon

Charles Wesley: Hymns

John Wesley: Sermon on the First Fruits

John Newton: Amazing Grace

Rousseau: Creed of a Savoyard Vicar

Thomas Payne: Deism

Christianity: The 1800's

William Wilberforce: Practical Christianity

Oxford Movement

Alexander Campbell: “On the Breaking of Bread”

Charles Finney: True and False Repentance

D.L. Moody: Where Art Thou?

Fanny Crosby: Hymns

Hudson Taylor: Meditation on Psalm 1

Vatican I: Declaration on Papal Infallibility (1870)

Andrew Murray: With Christ in School of Prayer (1895)

Christianity: 1900 - Present

Azusa Street Revival

Fundamentalist-Liberal Debate

Humanist Manifesto

Dietrich Bonhoeffer: Costly Grace

Vatican II: Declaration on Ecumenism (1963-1965)

Supreme Court: Ban on Prayer in Public Schools

Supreme Court: Roe vs. Wade

Leonard Ravenhill: Why Revival Tarries

Keith Green: Songs

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